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Welcome to M4Change, Bengaluru



Thank you everyone for coming to the inaugural M4change event in Bangalore!


Session Notes (click here, to be populated during the event)


Photos from M4Change Bangalore are here.



Mother Tekla Auditorium

Casa Brigatta, No.10, Old Passport Office Rd, Brunton Rd

Bangalore, Karnataka 560001




9:30-10:00  Registration & Breakfast, coffee/tea

10-10:15 Welcome & Introductions: How does a camp work, quick go around of everyone

10:15-11:15 Plenary - Mobile Tech 4 Social Change - an overview of critical issues

Usha Venkatachallam, Women's Learning Partnership


11:15-11:30 Populating the breakout sessions - participants get together in interest groups of their choosing

11:30-11:45: Tea Break

11:45-12:45 First set of breakout sessions

1:00-2 Lunch


2-2:45 The demo market place (speed geek)

2:45 Quick review of afternoon breakouts

3-4:00 Second set of breakout sessions


4-4:15 Tea Break

4:15-5:15 Third set of breakout sessions

5-6 Closing Plenary

6 pm Adjourn



For Participants:

Mobile Tech 4 Social Change camps are entirely participant-driven. You run and participate in sessions, showcase your mobile apps, inquire, discuss, and engage. There are no tourists at Mobile Tech 4 Social Change camps!


  • If you have apps you'd like to showcase, please bring them ready and available on a laptop-- we have spaces for hands-on demos of applications. please be sure your laptop battery is charged!
  • There will also be interactive workshops, discussion groups, and lots of ideas and interactions with a passionate and knowledgeable community of you all. If you want to discuss a topic, you will have the chance to do so.
  • If you are interested in leading a discussion or workshop, here is what we ask:  Have a short introduction prepared of the topic you are interested, as well as two or three key questions you want to explore in the conversation with your fellow campers in that session.  You do not have to be an expert in the topic you are curious about -- sessions can be exploratory with your questions and ideas rather than a polished presentation!


The tag for Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Bagalore for all social media is m4change


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