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Welcome to Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Camps and Meet-Ups!



What are Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Camps?


Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Camps are local events for people passionate about using mobile technology for social impact and to make the world a better place.

Each event includes interactive discussions, hands-on-demos, collaborative scheming about ways to use, develop, and deploy mobile technologies in health, advocacy, economic development, environment, human rights, citizen media, to name a few areas.  


Participants for Mobile Tech 4 Social Change barcamps include nonprofits, mobile app developers, researchers, donors, intermediary organizations, and mobile operators, and anyone passionate about the topic.


In short, Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Camps are:


  • One-day events held all over the world
  • An exploration of mobile technology to advance social development and social change goals
  • Participatory and interactive
  • Open to anyone with passion and interest in the topic 



Upcoming M4Change Gatherings



Pics from M4Change Camps are here on Flickr (tag m4change)



Recent M4Change Camps 


  • Open Mobile Camp (with the Open Mobile Consortium focused on open source mobile tools), New York (Oct 24, 2009) --Documentation and Agenda HERE 





Mobile Tech 4 Social Change camps are entirely participant-driven.  You run and participate in sessions, showcase your mobile apps, inquire, discuss, and engage. There are no tourists at Mobile Tech 4 Social Change camps!

  • If you have apps you'd like to showcase, please bring them -- Mobile Tech 4 Change camps have spaces for hands-on demos of applications.
  • M4Change camps have interactive workshops, discussion groups, and lots of ideas and interactions with a passionate and knowledgeable community of you all. If you want to discuss a topic, you will have the chance to do so, so please be prepared.
  • If you are interested in leading a discussion or workshop, you can bring a short introduction of the topic you are interested in, as well as two or three key questions you want to explore in the conversation with your fellow campers in that session.  You do not have to be an expert in the topic you are curious about -- sessions can be exploratory with your questions and ideas rather than a polished presentation!


Organize your own Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Camp 


Mobile Tech 4 Social Change camps happen wherever and whenever local people in the MobileActive.org network want to organize them. Here are a few resources that you might find useful when planning your own Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Camp!


Related Links


  • Mobile Tech 4 Social Change camps are inspired in part by BarCamp. The BarCamp site has lots of good context and organizing resources. We also acknowedge the amazing inspiration of @msurman, Executive Director of the Mozila Foundations whose wiki on organizing MozCamps on the open web inspired this one.  Thanks!




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